The principle of my ceramic concept is based on the following values:

Harmony – I want to give my ceramics a feel-good character. Calm shapes and simple glazes help me to achieve this. But I can also implement it in my work by intending to keep my ecological footprint as small as possible while not harming the well-being of animals, humans and Mother Earth. This is my idea of harmony and unity.

Naturalness – pottery has something primal for me. Just with a natural material and our hands, we can create something unique. I like the idea of using few materials like clay and wood ash to create something that reflects exactly this kind of naturality. 

Eco-Friendliness – Working sustainably is very important to me. For me, that means specifically: using local resources and materials, not using toxic substances or even supporting the mining of questionable materials; and recycling: from clay to packaging, so much is possible. The clay I use is mined in the Westerwald in Germany. There is no middleman involved in the purchase of the clay, meaning I process the clay exactly as I purchase it from the source. I use 100% green electricity for my work in the studio and the firing in the electric kiln. My business cards are printed using 100% recycled paper with vegan plant oil based inks.

In addition, I use lead-free and food-safe glazes. This not only creates a durable product, but also avoids pollution of the environment with heavy metals. To further emphasize a natural and sustainable production, I use natural materials, such as wood ash, for the glazes. It is generally often seen as a waste product, but it produces beautiful results.

I aim to make packing and shipping as sustainable as possible, too for sent ceramic pieces. The packaging and the tape are made of recyclable material, for example, cardboard and paper.

Calm – for me pottery is the concentration on the now, the quiet work with clay, whereby I also work on myself at the same time. I practice patience and acceptance. Just as we center the clay on the wheel, we center ourselves. And this brings me back to my inner self.


My vision is the combination of clay and wood in calm and natural forms. Not without reason they are my two favorite natural materials; they are so versatile and changeable. For example, ash glazes allow to me to let clay and wood become one. I have plans to explore this direction in the near future. More information will be available here soon.

Each piece of pottery is lovingly handcrafted by me. Thrown on the potter’s wheel or built up in slab technique, it is subjected to a first firing after drying. Shape and color bring the pottery to life. After the glaze is applied, the second firing takes place. Once this has been completed, the ceramic is waterproof and dishwasher safe.