Each piece tells two stories:

On the one hand, it represents the evolution of craftsmanship and years of tradition. We trust the craft, and see patience and longevity in each product.

On the other hand, it is the here and now. The joy in the everyday and in various rituals. The comfort in your own home and the calming quality of natural ceramics.


When we create something with our own hands, these special and personal characteristics flow from us into the object we are creating. In doing so, we leave a trace of ourselves, making each piece unique.

With the ceramics I carefully and lovingly create at Kayu Ceramics, I hope to share with you the joy and enthusiasm I feel for this special craft.


The considerate and conscious use of materials, which are carefully processed for each piece, is of fundamental importance to me. Simple designs and the use of natural materials such as clay and wood ash result in timeless pieces that reflect a love of nature.

Each ceramic piece undergoes a careful and considered process comprising a number of individual steps. Making something by hand requires time and patience, but the many years of joy a piece brings to its owner makes it well worth the effort.